From bump to bub

Smoking management tips 

  • Make a plan and stick to it 
  • See if anyone in your family wants to go on your smoking management  journey with you 
  • Find people who can support you 
  • Try to change old habits 
  • Ask people who have quit how they did it 
  • Join a group – it can make things easier 
  • Know what triggers you to smoke 
  • Keep track of how much money you are saving 
  • Find other things you can do, such as fitness 
  • Remember it can take several times attempts to quit 
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if your slip up – it’s a chance to learn how to  do things differently 
  • Phone a friend or call Quitline.

Benefits of not smoking 

  • Boorais will be born strong and healthy 
  • Families will have a smoke free lifestyle 
  • Mothers will live longer and set a positive example for others to stop  smoking 
  • Women will have more energy for themselves and their families ∙ Women will look younger with fewer wrinkles, no more yellow teeth,  and discoloured fingers 
  • Women will feel proud of overcoming something challenging, and their  families will also feel proud of their achievements 
  • Mothers’ lives will no longer be controlled by cigarettes 
  • Mums will no longer be a source of second and third hand smoke to  their Boorais and others 
  • There will be extra money to support you and your family.  

Supports available to help pregnant women manage their smoking behaviours 

  • Talk to your Aboriginal Health Practitioner or GP at your local Aboriginal  health service. You can take nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) to  help you on your journey. NRT only supplies nicotine while cigarettes  expose women and their unborn boorais to nicotine plus the additional 7,000 other harmful and poisonous chemicals in them. 
  • Yarn to the Aboriginal Quitline counsellor on 13 78 48.


Boorais and Mums Project

We’re here to support you from bump to birth and beyond.

Boorais and smoke don’t mix works with pregnant women around northern Melbourne to help healthy Aboriginal babies be born to smoke free mums, smoke free homes and cars, and other environments.