Kids - Boorais & Smoke Don't Mix

Boorais are our future and we all want to keep them healthy and strong. So what can you do to help your boorais?

You can tackle your own tobacco use by thinking about quitting or making a quit attempt – that journey is made easier by contacting culturally safe support services. If you’re not quite ready for that don’t stress, there are other things you can do for now such as:

  • Keeping your home and car smoke free
  • Making sure you smoke outside and a few metres away from the home
  • Swapping your top after having a cigarette and before being around your kids
  • Washing your hands after having a cigarette.

These actions help to keep kids away from second and third-hand smoke.

The Boorais and smoke don’t mix team can also lend a hand by visiting pre-schoolers through its Coach program, or school aged kids on request. Boorais can also learn at home by downloading our colouring in sheets and yarning with you.

Colouring in

Meet Deadly Dan, Deadly Donna and Deadly Djarmbi the dog! They’re here to help our mob stay smoke free. Click or tap an image below to download it so you can save, print and colour in.

To find out more about how kids can help keep our community smoke-free, visit the Coach program page, contact your local Aboriginal community controlled health service team, health practitioner or contact us at