Adults - Boorais & Smoke Don't Mix

Adults: Smoke free strategies

Smoking is addictive. It’s hard to stop, but with culturally safe help and support you can make a plan to manage your smoke-free journey. Most smokers make a few quit attempts before they quit for good, so don’t stress if you slip up.

Impacts of smoking

Tobacco has thousands of toxic chemicals in it. These chemicals can give you high blood pressure and lead to you having a stroke or heart attack. They can damage your eyes and make you blind. They can make it hard to breathe and lead to cancer.

The smoke from your cigarette can also make your boorais and other loved ones get very sick.

The good news is that when you tackle tobacco your risk of developing cancer and other diseases may be reduced, helping you live longer with your loved ones. One of the best strategies available to you is to set up a smoking management plan with your health professional.